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A practical introduction to the Christian faith
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What is Alpha?

Alpha is a practical introduction to Christianity.  We start with dinner, watch a short video teaching, and then have a open discussion about the topic of the day.  Whether you are a practicing Christian, a lapsed one, or just curious, Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or hostile!

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Topics discussed include:
  • Christianity: Boring, Untrue, Irrelevant?
  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Why Did Jesus Die?
  • How Can I Be Sure of My Faith?
  • Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
  • Why and How Do I Pray?
  • How Does God Guide Us?
  • Who Is the Holy Spirit?
  • What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
  • How Can I Be Filled With the Spirit?
  • How Can I Resist Evil?
  • Why and How Should We Tell Others?
  • Does God Heal Today?
  • What About the Church?
  • How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?
Alpha: An opportunity to explore the meaning of life

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